With the growth of the global economy the control and management of international debts has increased dramatically. The cost of collection of outstanding receivables locally is expensive; this increases dramatically as foreign clients incur debts. OVAG International was formed specifically to address these issues and provide efficient cost effective solutions to international business.

OVAG's Business to business service includes:

Commercial Debt Collection: The collection of contested/uncontested claims across international borders. OVAG's team of specialist collectors work exclusively in the debtor's native language and can expedite a successful conclusion generally without resort to the courts.

Credit cash management: OVAG has negotiated on behalf of a number of clients several multi million dollar debt conflicts. When a debtor agrees to pay by installment, OVAG manage the repayment and ensure the successful conclusion of the contract.

Conflict Management: Conflicts inevitably arise in debt negotiation between creditor and debtor. OVAG resolve these issues by acting as an independent third party. An investigation generally identifies the issues and a solution is sort by negotiation with both creditor and debtor managed by OVAG.

Risk Assessment: OVAG can provide a comprehensive risk assessments service for clients entering into a foreign transaction. This service minimises the potential risk and greatly improves the likely hood of success where a debt occurs.